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Liver + Kidney Cleanse

Liver + Kidney Cleanse
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LIVER + KIDNEY DETOX                                    

FORMAT: Capsules or Powder

Paul and Paul Liver + Kidney Detox is 100% natural herbal tonic which helps ensure optimal systematic cleaning of the kidneys and liver and thereby preserving the health of these two vital organs; It stimulates the release of toxins by restoring and enhancing the natural functions of two of the primary cleansing organs. 

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Two capsules per day or one teaspoon per day.

SAFETY ISSUES: Consumption with alcohol, other drugs is not recommended.

USES: Paul and Paul Liver + Kidney Detox can be used to prevent and treat a variety of ailments associated with impaired liver or damaged kidneys. Liver + Kidney Detox can be used to strengthen impaired liver function and assist in the regeneration process of damaged tissue. Whether liver damage is caused by excessive alcohol intake, cirrhosis, fatty-liver disease or an accumulation of toxins, Liver + Kidney Detox can help reduce the adverse symptoms and assist in regenerating liver tissue. Liver + Kidney Detox contains herbs that can reduce the size of kidney stones and help expel the remaining crystals through its diuretic action. In addition to treating kidney stones and impaired liver + renal function, these herbs strengthen liver + kidney function and prevent liver & renal degradation.


·         Supports normal kidney and liver function

·         Helps dissolve and expel kidney stones

·         Promotes healthy functioning kidneys and liver

·         Protects and nourishes kidneys and liver

·         Aids in regeneration of liver tissue

·         Promotes bile flow

·         Helps maintain clean and clear urinary tract


·         Prevents damage to kidneys and liver caused by diabetes

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